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( Bass guitar, Vocals )

          I have always thought that I grew up the greatest childhood of all or ever possible. On a small farm in Northwest Missouri, to two loving parents that were always there. I now believe that I started listening to country music late in life. Nearly 18 years of age before I started listening to the country music radio stations. I immediately got hooked on that sound and started learning to play drums in my cousins band. We worked shows in the towns of the area and the dance clubs.

          Moving to Lake of The Ozarks was the opportunity of a life time for me. Besides finding that once in a lifetime job in banking, I found a wealth of country pickers living and working in the lake area. A career in banking by day and pickin with great players by night. It was great.

          In 1984 I started John Farrell Real Estate Company. My wife Lynn has taken the lead role in the real estate company, along with the help of our two sons, Jonas and Justin. They grew up in the business and we couldn’t do it without them.

          But, we always had music around us and I was always around great players. I retired the drums in 1975 and started playing bass guitar. The bass has been good to me, allowing me to work with some of the best.

          I have a loving wife and beautiful kids and grandkids. Our daughter, Alicia, is a great singer and I cherish the times that we get to play and sing together. I am so blessed with a wonderful life surrounded by family and a multitude of great friends. Life Is Good…………………………

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