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( Drums, Vocals )

   Jay Orr grew up in Denver Colorado.  At the age of 14 he became interested in bands that were playing at the local skating rink, sold his motor scooter and taught himself to play drums in the basement of his childhood home.  By age 15 he had landed his 1st job playing drums with a country music band called the Lee Willard Trio. Upon graduation from high school he began playing with Spanish brothers, Billy and Fred Lovato in the “Souled Out Band”, adding vocals to his growing musical talents.  Jay played with this band for 8 years, 6 nights a week in the hottest night clubs in Denver, Boulder, Vail, and Aspen.  This band also traveled throughout Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska, where they met singer George Jay, backing him for another year. 

In 1972 Jay met his wife Gerry, who was from a family of musicians.  Jay moved to Missouri in 1974 to perform at the Lodge of the Four Seasons with Karon Denett and the 5th Seasons Band.  Again he was performing 6 nights a week 3 sets of dance music and floor shows nightly including music from well know Broadway shows like “The Wiz”, “Cabarat”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Hair”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “West Side Story”.   During his time at Lodge of the Four Seasons, Jay met fellow performer, Monte Davidson who gave him the opportunity to work with his band for the next 2 years.  Over the years Jay performed along side many well-known performers.  In conjunction with Linda Cable, Jay was instrumental in putting together “The Osage River Band”.  “The Osage River Band” also worked with music greats such as Ernie Wymer, and Jim Phinney and was opening for famous musicians, such as B.J. Thomas, and Marie Osmond.  The band separated after an incredible run of 7 years.

Jay took a break from playing music after testing out the waters with a few other artists such as, Lynn Zimmer, and Michael Vyrostek.  He found that the music just wasn’t the same for him.  His love of music was rekindled when Linda Cable extended an invitation to the “The Barn”.  As a part of the Genuine Country Music Association Band Jay has reunited with fellow artists from the past and joined with other musical talents such as John Farrell and the late Bobby Caldwell.  Jay’s musical talents include a variety of soul, country, and classic music.  For Jay, that’s what music is all about!!

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