2021 is Missouri's Bicentennial year and GCMA is ready to celebrate!!  We are planning a big gathering for the Classic Country Jamboree and hope that you will join us.

You will enjoy music by Tony Booth, Ron and Leona Williams, J.R. Love, Dennis Stroughmatt, the Board of Directors Band and more.

We will be posting updates throughout the year, so check back often for new information and SAVE THE DATE for October 17th 2021, for the Genuine Country Music Association

Classic Country Jamboree!!!

*****Special Events*****

GCMA is dedicated to promoting Genuine Country Music through our own events, as well as others that we are informed about that are open to the public. 


We would love to post events that promote Genuine Country Music to our Upcoming Events tab.

If you know of an event that could use a little added publicity, please email the information to gcmatherealthing@gmail.com and we will make every effort to get that added to the page. 


Information such as date, time, website (if available) and/or link to a site to order tickets would be appreciated.  Please send at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that we have have to post the data.